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Building & Planning


The Planning Department looks at long term planning and growth.  All new developments, utility expansions and annexation will impact our community and the Planning Department's focus is to maximize the positive impacts while minimizing the negative impacts.  Long range planning works to create, update, and modify zoning and development regulations, which are used to guide our community to provide well-designed and economically viable growth.  The five members of the Planning Commission are appointed to six-year terms by the Mayor and guide the Planning Department.


The Building Department enforces the Washington State Building Codes and the Community Zoning Codes.  75% of the permits issued to "do it your selves" and therefore, education, design assistance, on-site problem solving, and document assistance are the major demand on staff resources.  The department provides limited educational literature for 90% of all projects. The building department is organized into 3 separate divisions: Plan Examination, Building Inspection and Permitting.